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Grain products, malt, barley markets

Grain products, malt, barley markets

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World market of grain and grain products is important for many companies in the food industry. The VVS company conducts a monthly analysis of grain market in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and identifies current trends. Our analysts regularly research the markets of malt segmenting it by rye / wheat, toasted / not toasted, and barley (including malting barley).

You can use the information from the VVS company! This will help you to understand the real picture of your market and make the right marketing decisions!

The list of ready-made researches on grain market is shown below.

If you do not find a research you are interested in we will gladly conduct a new research for you by your order. To order the study and get information on the price, period of preparation of this service, please do not hesitate to email us by inbox@vvs-info.ru or contact us by phone +7 (495) 565-35-51.