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Analysis of imports of fishmeal. Results in 2014
Author: Natalya Krylova, an analyst at research company information and VVS («VladVneshServis") 

Fish meal - food product produced by drying and grinding waste processing of fish, marine mammals, crustaceans, as well as waste from the cutting and processing of food products in the marine products. It is a high quality protein source of animal origin. Protein fishmeal in large quantities contains essential amino acids: methionine, lysine, threonine and tryptophan. Fishmeal contains a lot of fat, rich in essential fatty acids. The composition of fish meal includes a large number of minerals including phosphorus, calcium, iron, in a convenient form for animal consumption and vitamins including choline, biotin, cyanocobalamin, vitamin A and vitamin D. In general, the fish meal used for feed for farm animals and fish.

In addition to domestic manufacturers, the market for fishmeal in the Russian and foreign companies represented by the manufacturer. Next, consider how things are in the market of imported fishmeal in Russia.

The last 3 years the volume of imports of fish meal fall. So, if in 2012 the territory of the Russian has received 106.5 ths. Tons of fishmeal a total value of 108.2 million. USD., Then in 2013 imports amounted to 87.6 thous. Tons in volume and 104.1 million. USD . in terms of money. At the end of 2014 Russian consumers were purchased abroad 32,9 thous. Tonnes of fishmeal (-62.5% in volume in 2013) with a total value of 47.8 million. Dollars. (-54.1% To the results of the previous year).

Average contract price of imported fishmeal for 3 years increased. If in 2012 it was less than $ 1.21. Per kg of production, then in 2014 the cost of 1 kg did not fall below $ 1.34.       

In terms of producing a leadership position at the end of 2014 occupies Morocco. There was produced about 71% of fishmeal imported into Russia. A year ago, producers from Morocco accounted for 30.6% of total imports. Such increase its share of this country is not obliged to increase the volume of imports of personal and especially their smallest fall among the other leading countries. In relation to the 2013 fishmeal Moroccan origin in 2014 it received 23.9% less. In second place among producer countries settled Mauritania with a share of 21.1% against 11% the previous year. Moorish flour volumes in real terms for the year decreased by 27.8%. Three leaders closes Peru, the producers of which went to 2.6%. Import volumes Peruvian flour decreased by 30.0%, which allowed (or not prevent) the country to increase its share by 1.2%.       

Among the manufacturers of fishmeal, whose production goes to Russia as import company occupies a leading position Copelit SARL (Morocco), whose share at the end of 2014 had 22.0%. A year earlier, the share of products is only 11%. The volume of imports decreased over the year by 24.7% .On the second place as the representative of the Moroccan Sovapec SARL Its share in 2014 was 13.7% against 5.1% in 2013. The volume in real terms remained at the same level. Three leaders closes the company KB Fish SA (Morocco), which, despite the decline in imports 2 times managed to increase its market share from 10.8% to 13.5%. Another representative of Morocco - Sepomer Sahara - is located on the fourth place with a share of 9.0%. This is followed by the company Omaurci SA (Mauritania), who not only managed to increase its presence in imports from 1.9% to 7.6%, but significantly - by 54% - increase the volume of imported products in Russia.

The leader in the procurement of imported fishmeal among Russian regions by the end of 2014 was the Kaliningrad region. Its share accounted for 39.1% of total imports. Buyers are made TD "Commonwealth", LLC "STY", LLC "Agropromservice." In second place is the Vologda region with a share of 15.9% in the face of NPO "Aconite" and NPO "North standard". Three leaders closes the Pskov region, behind the second place by only 0.1%. Here buyers of imported flour became LLC "ICS-Terminal Plus", LLC "Pskovinvestmarket", LLC "IDAVANG."

Despite the decline in purchases of fishmeal imports remains an integral part of the Russian market of these products. Therefore, in the near future it is expected, if not growth in imports, at least, stabilize volumes.

Also, you can find detailed information on the market of fish meal in the monthly analysis of imports of fishmeal.

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