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Import of mold sets for the glass industry

Vadim Pashin

Informational & Analytical Company ”VladVneshService”



Informational & Analytical Company ”VladVneshService” conducted a market research of mold sets. Russian market of mold sets for the glass industry is formed due to import. Export volumes are about 50 times lower than import and it does not have a significant impact on the market.

If we compare the dynamics of imports mold sets and dynamics of production of glassware, it is easy to notice, that falling of glassware production, as a rule, is accompanied by a fall in mold sets import volumes. At the same time, the growth of glassware production, as a rule, is preceded by the growth of mold sets import.

Figure 1. Dynamics of production of glass and import mold sets

In 2011, after the beginning of another governmental anti-alcohol campaign, the growth of glassware production has slowed down substantially, and in mid-2012, the market began to fall.
If on results of 1 half of 2012 volumes of glassware production exceeded the results of the analogous period of the previous year on the 12,53%, in the second half of the year - just on 2.11%. The results of the first half of the current year showed that the glassware production fell to 7.64% relative to the level of the 1st half of 2012.

Figure 2. Production of glass. Million. PCs

A similar situation is observed in the market of mold sets. According to the results of 1st quarter of 2012, the import volume grew up on 6,17% relative to the same period of the previous year, reaching a level of 789,7 tons. In the second half of the year it decreased by 1,60% to 783,5 tons. The results of the first half of the current year mold sets import fell to 773,5 tons, from 2.06% below the level of the 1st quarter of 2012.

Figure 3. Import of mold sets, tons

In money terms mold sets import began to fall from the beginning of last year. According to the results of the 1st half of 2012, import volume only amounted to 23445,9 thousand dollars, that on 2,95% lower against the same period of 2011. In the second half of 2012) mold sets were imported to Russia in the amount of 23841,8 thousand dollars. It is 6.75% lower than the same period a year earlier. And finally, during 6 months of the current year mold sets import was only 23165,3 thousand dollars, that is 1.2% lower than in the 1 half of 2012.

Figure 4. Import of mold sets, thousand USD

Importers of mold sets can be roughly divided into 2 main groups. The first is the direct manufacturers of glass or supplying companies that are part of large industrial glass holdings. The second group includes companies specializing in the supply of equipment for the glass productions.
More than half of all imported mold sets falls on eight companies. Four of them from
CJSC «Orekhovo-Zuyevskaya glass company», Ltd «Rasko», CJSC «Saint-Gobain Kavminsteklo» and Ltd «Ruscam-Holding» are the largest domestic manufacturers of glassware. Ltd «RS-StekloSnab» and Ltd «Trade house Steklostandard» are the supply units of the following holdings: «Rus-Glass» and «Glass production group».
The world's leader on the market for more than 5 years (from 2008) is a St. Petersburg’s company Ltd «PSI». It is specialized in design, manufacture and supply of glass-forming toolings for the glass plant. The share of «PSI» is annually accounted to 13% of total mold sets import to Russia.


Table 4. The main importers of mold sets for the glass industry and their share, %

Figure 5. Change the competitive positions of importers of mold sets in the 2nd quarter of 2013, thous.

As mentioned above, mold sets import depends on the volume of glassware production, as mold sets have the property to wear. On average, for every million of produced glassware there are 0,126-0,129 tons of mold sets. Remembering that the glassware production now falls and this process is likely to continue in the next year, mold sets import will fall too. On the favorable development of the situation this year the mold sets import is likely to exceed last year's indicators in 1573,2 tons in physical terms and 46 million in cash. Under adverse conditions – it will hardly exceed 1518 tons in volume and $ 45 million in cash.


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