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Germany is the leader among suppliers of flexible endoscopy!

The VVS company conducted a marketing analysis and established that in 2016 year, Russia imported flexible endoscopy for $ 25 million. Throughout the period under review, the goods were shipped from 20 countries. The share of suppliers from Germany accounted for 38% of total imports. Direct import supplies were carried out to 12 regions of Russia. Market participants from the Russian side were 51 Russian companies. The share of the leader among the buyers - LTD "Olympus Moscow" - accounted for 33% of imported products.

We also provide detailed researches about export and import between Russia and world. You will learn: manufacturers, suppliers, consumers, their prices, volumes and goods’ characteristics by each custom declaration!

Order a free Short Market Report for one product that you are interested in. This report will reflect the total figures by your market:

- total imports/exports;

- the number of Russian companies;

- the number of deliveries;

- the market share of your country / company!

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