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Reviewed by Constructiv LTD
General Director Olga Kolodina

Constructiv LTD
Our company "Constructiv" is 20 years old. All these 20 years we have been importing to Russia cats and dogs feed. We always should know what is happening in our market. When we started the business, there was no information about the market. And we could only guess what was going on, who we were and where we were. We knew nothing about the sales of our competitors.

And in one perfect happy moment we met with VVS. It was an accident, but very lucky for us. And from that moment we always know our place on the market, the place of our partners, competitors. So we know what the market is.

As the head of the company I daily use this information, because we conclude new contracts for business expansion. It is very necessary to have correct information about the existence of such product on the market, at what price it is imported to Russia. And I need this information every day! It helps us in business

Once we managed NOT to sign a contract, which would be absolutely wrong, unprofitable for us. Well, we wouldn't die of course, but we would have invested the money that could not return.

The matter was that our main supplier offered us a new product and we were not surprised to hear a price, it seemed to be at an ordinary price.  In any case, after the business negotiations I decided to check if there was a similar product on the market and its price.

Studying the VVS research I found out, and what was our surprise, that such a product was already imported to Russia from the same factory … but the price - 3 TIMES LOWER!

We were ‘on the seventh heaven from happiness’ that we did not agree with our supplier and started deliveries from another producer at a market price. And this is just one of many examples! We need these researches in order to understand our place in the market.

I track our own supplies, everybody else supplies, I see what is in demand and what ceased to be in demand. It helps us to understand what to do in the future!

Therefore, I recommend to everybody to use such information. And it is especially pleasant to work with nice people from a good company VVS.