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Free short market report

Free short market report

Why are you lucky?

If you are planning or have already linked your work with export or import, you are doing a great work and you are lucky!

A great work - because foreign trade is a game of large size and scope, and in this game the prize is usually big too. How to get a good income going on the trade market? The answer is simple - with the help of the accurate information, which will allow you to monitor in time the market situation and influence its course. And such a helper is a MARKET RESEARCH.

MARKET RESEARCHES from the ‘VVS’ can answer the following questions:

  • How not to miscalculate the price?
  • How to find reliable partner and expand the market?
  • What range of goods on the market is most in demand?

While entering a foreign market if you do not know the answer of these questions it may lead to the following: you conclude obviously unprofitable contracts, your sales plans are not executed, your lose the market, and you’ve got a great risk to miss the emergence of new competitors!

There is another problem. It occurs when a firm already well on the feet, actively trading. A foreign company almost always finds this problem to be the most important, and that is:

  • How to increase a market share?

And marketers in foreign firms always live with that same thought.

- And what? - you might say. – Do the MARKET RESEARCHES from the ‘VVS’ solve all these problems?

Yeah, we say, and we are going to tell you about TOP TEN POSITIONS, on which basis a competitive analysis for any market is constructed. This information is presented in each ‘VVS’ market research!

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You will get:
A sample of a research
A short market report by your goods:
- Total volumes of import
- Number of Russian customers
- Amount of supplies to Russia
- Market shares of the leaders
- HS Codes
Individual commercial offer for high-accurate research of your market

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