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Global Markets Overviews

Global Markets Overviews

Markets Statistics of foreign trades is an analytical tool that allows getting information about the worldwide import and export markets of goods, the dynamics of supplies, the rise or fall of prices, the leading countries-suppliers and countries-customers.

We are absolutely confident that the analysis of import and export supplies is a useful additional tool of market activity measuring. It will help you to assess the foreign trade markets and to choose perspective directions of trade.

Management decisions resulting from Global Markets Overview studying allow you to:

  1. Increase your market shares;
  2. Optimize your product portfolio in accordance with the demand;
  3. Correct your pricing policy;
  4. Plan sales to perspective directions;

This data is about trade between different countries of the world. With the help of this report you will learn how much product is imported and exported between any countries.

You can see TOP imported and exported goods by any country.

You are be able to estimate the share of your country trade in total world trade volumes. This overview will help you to assess the foreign trade markets and to choose perspective directions of trade for your goods.

Breakdown can be presented in the context of the 6-digit HS codes, monthly.

The structure of a Global Markets Overview from the ‘VVS’:

Basic Advanced V.I.P.
Period of preparing: 3-5 days 3-6 days 3-8 days
Price: 200 USD - 500 USD 300 USD – 900 USD 500 USD – 1500 USD
1 Summary and brief analytical information about the state of the market
2 Total amount of world trade (monthly or yearly, in USD)
3 Trade volumes between the countries
4 Top imported goods
5 Top exported goods
6 Top countries-suppliers
7 Top countries-customers
8 Tutorial: How to profitably trade with Russia (10 steps) Bonus Bonus Bonus

The exact price and timing depends on the analyzed market and goods. Analyzing a small market the price is lower; analyzing a complex big market the price is higher.

The price and timing is presented for a research in the Russian language. We can translate researches to any language. Usually it takes us 3-10 additional days and 100 - 300 USD for translation.

The most popular topics of global market overviews in VVS:

TOP imported goods to Germany
TOP exported goods from China
TOP countries importing cars
TOP countries exporting cheese
Italy – Spain trade overview
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- Number of Russian customers
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- Market shares of the leaders
- HS Codes
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