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Railway Statistics

Analysis of railway transportation of goods in separate markets allows to accurately estimate the volumes of production and consumption, to analyze the logistics of deliveries, to identify the main consumers and their preferences to existing suppliers.

If your goods are transported mainly by a rail, in order to build a clear plan of marketing activities we recommend you to a preliminary research of rail transportation under the relevant code ETSNG.

Our statistics of rail transportation contains detailed information about import, export, domestic and transit cargo flows as well as information on the basis of freight wagons (technical specifications, owners, tenants).

As a tool of marketing research the statistics of rail transportation will allow you to analyze commodity markets and to identify the factors influencing the development of the business. It has been used for the calculation of market capacity, for the determination of transportations’ structure, for the developing of the plans of return. Statistics of railway transport gives a structured and detailed view of the movement of goods in time (by days).

Analysis of rail transport statistics prepared by analysts of VVS in a convenient format includes:

• The rating of suppliers-companies;

• The rating of recipients-companies;

• The rating of the Russian suppliers-regions;

• The rating of the Russian recipients-regions;

• Analytical table of shipments broken down by the companies with a detailed description of the supplies by the number of freight wagons, their types, owners and tenants, stations of departure/receipt.

To order the analysis please send us the name of your product or code ETSNG of particular goods by e-mail inbox@vvs-info.ru.

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Analysis of domestic rail transportation; download for free a report layout

Analysis of import rail transportation to Russia; download for free a report layout

Analysis of export rail transportation from Russia; download for free a report layout