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Animal feeding and veterinary medicine market

Animal feeding and veterinary medicine market

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For your convenience conducting the analysis of the pet food market our analysts have divided it into separate narrow niches: market of forages for agricultural animals (pigs and cattle), the market of pet food (cats, dogs, rodents, birds and fish). Also we were able to segment these products by structure. For example, canned and dry food for cats and dogs.

A separate topic of research - the market of veterinary medicine which import to Russia is rather large. The VVS company can provide you with a detailed analysis of the market of import of veterinary medicine which will reflect the ratings of foreign manufacturers, suppliers and Russian importers with their volumes and contact information.

The list of ready-made researches on veterinary market is shown below.

If you do not find a research you are interested in we will gladly conduct a new research for you by your order. To order the study and get information on the price, period of preparation of this service, please do not hesitate to email us by inbox@vvs-info.ru or contact us by phone +7 (495) 565-35-51.